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Lakeland is a chain of British kitchenware stores in the United Kingdom. It is still based where it was founded in Windermere in the Lake District, the area the company is named after.

A furious customer mentioned, "I was recently given some Lakeland vouchers - four £5 vouchers. Two of them had the expiry date 28/09/2020, and two of them 25/11/2019. I called Lakeland customer service today, as I have always found them to be extremely helpful in any circumstance. I explained the situation - the fact the vouchers were out of date, but the customer service representative told me there was nothing they could do. He then kept me on the phone for a while, asking for the voucher numbers and entering them in on the system, then he dashed my hopes by telling me again there was nothing that could be done. I used to enjoy shopping in Lakeland, but my local store has closed, so I haven't had the opportunity to browse the products in the way I used to. I know it is only £10, but it was my money, and Lakeland have now got it. I will do my best to persuade my family not to give me Lakeland vouchers as a gift in the future!"


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Retail Colleague says

"No compassionate leave when my mother died as I had not worked there for 12 months. Yet company pays £50 (my day's wages) to a charity of my choice in memory of my mother. Very difficult with no compassionate leave trying to arrange funeral and deal with estate when my mum lived 200 miles from where I live. Too many 400 mile round trips on my day off. Product training very poor. I came from homewares background and had significantly better product knowledge than my co-workers. Dislike refund policy....customers taking advantage all the time. Most customers were lovely, but a significant number were consistently rude to shop staff. I was brought up to speak to people in full sentences...not to bark a single word at someone. 'Peelers'!...'sieves'! etc will not get a good response from me. Very poor rota management. Being a level 1 retail colleague and having to cash up the whole shop at no notice whatsoever."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Assistant says

"Some staff were extremely unfriendly and bordered on bullying. Miserable few ruined it for everyone else. Management was very good, can’t fault."

Former Employee - Warehouse Operative/Picker says

"Couple of managers didn't allow us to talk to each other when picking."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sometimes it was very busy especially Saturdays and Sundays. Salary ,was not too big but than again I was a part time worker."


"Working Christmas Eve, Christmas day and boxing day"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not enough staff on teams. Expectation to work beyond normal hours at peak seasons. Pay not very good compared to other retailer's. Bosses at the top kept changing and each change brings more cuts to benefits."

Former Employee - Distribution says

"Favouritism/Nepotism within workplace Anti social shift patterns Lack of career progression related to favouritism issues Somewhat hostile management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Individual managers can spoil the whole Lakeland ethos"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"the company I worked for does not provide a safe work environment to employees and does not want to train employees. The do not value employees or staff"

Amazon - Fullfillment Associate (Former Employee) says

"Anyone can be a manager, GC managers are very unprofessional, and they have favorites. The place is just awful and the pay is worst."

Distibution colleague (Former Employee) says

"Very poor . No advancement .very poor training . Management is so bad that the culture is to minimise problems by ignoring them. Bullying is acceptable and a blind eye is turned to several members is staff . Really ..don't do work for them in the distribution centre. It's like an open prison, run by idiots. The few that do care, ignore the dead heads.Its a job.No career advancement, Training is laughable, The machinery is so outdated because theyre short of money, its getting dangerous"

Retail Colleague (Current Employee) says

"Rotas given at very very short notice make it very difficult to arrange other things including childcare for when you are working. Makes for an unpleasant life/work balance."

Distribution Centre Operative (Former Employee) says

"I am a quiet, industrious and conscientious person with a wide range of skills. I have the ability to work on my own but can work equally well as part of a team. With my good timekeeping and attendance records along with a willingness to accept any training that may be required, I would welcome an opportunity to utilise my experience in the workplace."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Felt undervalued. Expected to learn to everything needed to run a store even though I was just a sales associate. No such thing as Team leaders or Supervisors, so pay is always low. Laid back attitude to H&S. New manager says she earns too much to answer the phone or go on the till... Shifts all over the place so no social life. Several staff left store within a very few months.DiscountsMorale poor."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Spent most of my time learning the basics of construction management. It was a no future job at the time I was there. My understanding the company has evolved over the last 22 years."

Customer Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working at the Windermere Customer Service Centre was a balanced experienced. Although I only worked there for about three months I can say that the experience was mixed. The initial training was for one week and intense. It was not combined with much in the way of practical elements and was quite inefficient. I found it stressful and wondered if I would be able to do the work. My first day was a long shift of ten hours. It was actually not so bad and didn't really reflect the intensity of the training. I soon got into taking customer orders and started to enjoy the work. I found that the staff were all very friendly and helpful. This was genuine and made a real difference. There are a few things that were not so appealing however. The pay was just above the minimum and well below cleaning jobs in the area. For the degree of skill required I thought the pay was very low. There was no mention of the hourly rate until the end of the interview, which was not very up-front. Another issue was that the colleagues are not allowed to park on site at weekends of holidays (half-terms etc). Parking is very limited and it can be stressful not knowing where you'll get a space each day. They do have a free bus service if you life in nearby Kendal though, which is a nice touch. Customer Service staff work on a data entry system which can be very flaky and unintuitive. Some things on it are clever whilst other aspects are simply not. You do get the hang of it though but it does show a lack of investment in such an important system. You are entitled to un-paid breaks inFriendly, helpful staff. Good canteen facilitiesPoor pay, lack of staff parking, flaky system"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"16 hours contract. Unsociable hours due to being evening work. Lack of team structure because of temporary work. Great pay. Excellent training offered.Good payPoor team spirit"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The overall working environment was good, however there were bad management staff that would pass on their problems to other members of the team. The other people in the team had to organise the team more and they would choose how the shop layout was. It was always hard to find where things were because most items were moved on the weekdays and only working there on weekends meant that when i came to work things were always in different places.Nice peopleLong hours"

janitor (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and not enough hours. I started as a kid in high school, so I didn’t get that many hours. But my boss was there rude and unprofessional so I found a better job"

Line Leader/Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Assign inspector their daily duties, document control for work instruction, train new and current workers on the line and making sure quality meets standards"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"no home life.. rude management didnt enjoy my time there at all"

Sewing machine operator (Former Employee) says

"I have worked in customer service for over 20 years but also in that time period I have worked as fast paced sewing plant ,Hice sewing for over 8 yearsand also 6 months at Lakeland industries."

Customer Service Advisor (Temp) says

"As I was recruited via an employment agency I found that there was little opportunity for me within the company as obviously LakeLAnd were being charged a finders fee, Loyalties are with staff employed directly"

Laboratory Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The day could be slow-paced and enjoyable, or the day could be fast-paced and extremely stressful. In the beginning, the job seemed extremely pleasant and fairly challenging. With the construction and all the new policies being implemented, there are more responsibilities added on to our job requirements. While it makes the job that much more rewarding, being able to help people in more ways than just drawing their blood in a manner that allows proper test results, it falls short on the proper training and dedication from the lab manager making sure we are solid with what we are doing. There are competency assessments we have to complete every now and then, which are not bad at all. However, there needs to be far better training implemented and more help from the lab managers themselves when we are short. Rather than listen to our problems and try to solve them, it's almost as if our issues are brushed off.Kind patients, some staff extremely helpful, fair working conditionsPoor lab management, some rude staff, poor training on new tasks"

Sales Advisor (Part-time) says

"this was my first job after leaving school and I found it to be quite a miserable place to work. Dominated by a female work force, so it can feel very hostile at times if you're a new member of staff. More often than not you feel like you're being surveyed for the entire shift even if there is very little to do."

LPN (Former Employee) says

"If it wasn't for the residents, I would not have worked there that long. Management sucks, Very unappreciative of staff, no teamwork.ResidentsManagement sucks"

Warehouse Operative/Picker (Current Employee) says

"Management is pretty abysmal, with promises constantly being broken. Low morale due to overall poor people management. Constant churn of workers, as decent ones tend to find better jobs elsewhere. In this company, people are disposable (unless they are favourites). Job itself is fairly easy, but grindingly monotonous. Picking orders, shelf filling items every night. Or if you're unlucky, packing orders. Money is ok on nights. Not much supervision from team leaders.Simple job, decent money, the odd decent team leaderTemporary contracts, tedious job, zero advancement"

Assistente de Comércio Exterior (Former Employee) says

"Quando eu entrei a empresa estava passando por modificações e foi vendida para uma empresa americana."

Jane Brown says

"If there was a negative score I would have given it. I had a very serious complaint about a staff member (the Manager) behaving very badly in the Wimbledon store. I sent feedback which was never replied to. I am told by head office that the feedback went straight to the store! So what did the manager do? just press delete? Sadly another company who once provided a premium service and standards who have let a customer down badly. Will not be returning."

Ginel Patel says

"I placed an order for a Kitchen Aid hand mixer in mid-July, and have still not received it. After being told it was out of stock, I have been given several “expected” delivery dates, but have yet to receive it. There have been multiple delays and I have had to contact them twice to give me an update. After chasing again, I am told there is a further delay and it is “expected” to be back in stock end of August! Not acceptable and they are not willing to offer any good will gesture for the delay and huge inconvenience caused. They should not be allowed to sell items which are out of stock. Or this should be made very clear to the customer at the time of purchase. Very disappointing and poor customer service."

Jacqui says

"I placed an on line order and when contacting Lakeland to obtain an update on the delivery, I was informed that my original order had been delivery to someone else at a completely different address to mine and that Lakeland had placed another order on my behalf, which as yet they are unable to advise on the delivery date. Not at all impressed."

Richard says

"Ordered a jam maker plus a load of jars etc. Didn’t get my jam maker - couldn’t find contact details. Messaged on Twitter. Apparently it was lost in transit. Now have to wait a week for a replacement!! If I hadn’t have contacted Lakeland, nothing would have been done. Would have lost out."

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